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Chemistry Students

Course Development & Design

EdTech by Design works with your team to design, develop, integrate, and assess new learning programs with appropriate pedagogy based on needs. We conduct thorough needs analyses to generate rich data on what will work best for your vision.

We will also help redesign current programs to improve engagement. We rely on the TPACK model in creating and redesigning courses and lessons. TPACK stands for technological, pedagogical, and content knowledge. Educators must incorporate each concept and ensure they all work together to provide highly effective lessons. 

EdTech by Design combines this TPACK model with simplified instructional design processes and models for an evidence-based approach to course development and lesson planning.

Professional Development

Using the blended learning model, we efficiently and effectively deliver professional learning in three simple steps:

  1. Pre-PD asynchronous learning modules

  2. Experiential synchronous learning in-person or via Zoom.

  3. Post-learning synchronous and asynchronous check-ins

This model and strategy incorporate experiential and authentic learning experiences maximizing retention and transfer of skills. 


Learning Platforms & Apps

We can develop user-friendly platforms based on client needs and address specific challenges with collaboration. Please see our projects page to learn more about potential development. One example is developing communication and collaboration platforms for homelessness liaisons. The platform enables all stakeholders that support students experiencing homelessness a home to provide students with what they need efficiently, effectively, and immediately

Educational Research & Development

Determining the effectiveness of educational technology is daunting, and educators stretched for time rarely have the opportunity to assess educational technology. Without this data, educators will shelve the technology or not use it effectively, wasting time and money with a product that should make life simpler and improve learning outcomes.


EdTech by Design can thoroughly evaluate current educational technology programs a school uses. Further, we will provide recommendations for maximizing programs' efficiency and engagement, how to integrate the applications into lessons, and can align any program to standards.

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