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TPACK and integrating technology with fidelity requires exceptional analysis and design skills. This course will equip educators to find, select, integrate, and assess instructional technology using TPACK, The Triple E Framework, and a simplified instructional design model. This is the first of a comprehensive series of technology integration using evidence- and research-based approach to tech integration. Pre-service and in-service teachers face a daunting task and often do not have the foundations to integrate expensive technology the schools provide. This series will equip teachers to integrate technology into their classrooms and design, develop, implement, and assess educational technology embedded in their lessons. 


  • We offer synchronous and asynchronous options for this series of micro-courses. Three levels are available:

    Asynchronous- This option allows educators to work through the course at their own pace. The program is a three-hour course that integrates individual and reflective tasks to check for understanding. The course will provide specific strategies that educators can immediately transfer to their classrooms.

    Blended/Hybrid- The blended option includes discussion and interaction with an expert in TPACK and instructional design. The course will have deadlines and collaboration with a self-regulated learning expert. Please contact us for pricing.

    Synchronous- This option is a flipped model. Learners will begin the course with an asynchronous section to develop foundational knowledge on the topic. Students will meet with an expert in TPACK and instructional design for real-time communication and collaboration, following asynchronous sections, either through Zoom or other conferencing tools. The program revolves around the needs of each client and is student-centered and includes project-based, authentic, collaborative learning, which will enhance transfer to the classroom. Please contact us for pricing.

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